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Funny couple shirts


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Being in love is the best thing in this world especially if you know the person you love, loves you back. Love without crazy funny things might not be fulfilling and entertaining compared to the love that has a lot of jokes and creative mind tickling acts. One of the ways to make your love special and funny is by having funny couple shirts that have a message to the world to let people know whom you really are. You might be lacking the creativity, message to write or you want some ideas, find out below what you can write on your shirt.

Top Messages Which Funny Couple Shirts Can Carry


1. Love Anniversary Message

This is only doable to the people who know the year they fall in love with each other. It does not necessarily require the couple to remember the date but the year. You can write this message in two ways. The first way is by writing the number of years you have been together, like ‘’25 years in love’’ and the second way is by just writing the year you started the relationship like, ‘together since 2013’’. In every message, the words are divided to the female and male shirt so that both funny couple shirts convey the same message in a funny way.

2. The King and His Queen Message

Though a very simple message, it carries a lot of impact to the world and show how bonded you are in the world of love. The female shirt would be written the Queen title and the male would be labeled the King title. When you walk around, people would be seeing the King and the queen message thereby knowing well deeply you love one another. The synonym of this is the Mr. and Mrs. title printed on the shirts. Although the Mr. and Mrs. Title could be confined to people who got married, it does no harm if the unmarried prints it on their funny couple shirts.

3. Best Friend Back Shirt

Jokes are made from the simple things that have been made appear unique, and this is what the best friend title labeled shirts offer. At the back of your funny couple shirts, the term best friend is creatively printed with the female’s shirt containing some letters of ‘best friend’ as well as the male shirt containing some portions of the term. The overall appearance would be funny and attractive.

There are many shirt designs that you can choose from, it all depends with your preferences. To get the best shirt labels, do some background research to get the perfect label before you choose any funny couple shirt. Printing can do in styles so that the appearance looks nice and special.


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