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Five Tips to Make Funny Fishing Shirts Fashionable

We all have graphic t-shirts that we love to wear. Most times, t-shirts are super comfortable, but they are not the most fashionable things in our closets. However, you do not need to leave your funny fishing shirts in the back of your closet forever. There are ways that you can turn your funny fishing shirts from something that you only wear on fishing trips, to something that you can wear every day. Here are some tips to help you style your funny fishing shirts to be fashionable.

1. Dress up Your Outfit Using a Blazer or a Jacket

This will work with any style of t-shirt and is one of the quickest ways of taking a very casual outfit and turning it into something that you can wear to business casual events. A structured jacket or blazer is recommended because it contrasts the boxy shape of the t-shirt. Even with jeans, funny fishing shirts can be business casual friendly with a good jacket.

2. Keep it Simple

If you love your funny fishing shirts and want to show them off, why not let them is center stage. A good fitting pair of pants or jeans and a small accessory like a hat, allows the t-shirt to stand out and be the focus of the outfit. This is a great option for guys who do not want to take time in the morning to plan an outfit and just want to get up and go.

3. Have Fun

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should think about adding prints to your outfit. Prints can be a great way of adding personal style to another wise basic t-shirt and jeans outfit. You should think about tying the print and the rest of the outfit together by matching colors in the shirt and the print.

4. Tuck It In

It can be very tempting to leave funny fishing shirts left outside of your pants. However, pairing a graphic shirt with trousers and a jacket, look better when the shirt is tucked in. This only takes a minute, but it makes your shape look much better, and you will look like you took a lot of time to get dressed that morning.

5. What Style Are You Going for?

Before starting to get dressed, think about what you are going to be doing and the people that you may see. Try to style the shirt to fit wherever you are going and your personal style.

There are many ways to style your funny fishing shirts. Graphic t-shirts have become a major part of a fashionable wardrobe. Many celebrities have worn funny graphic t-shirts in the past, which has led to them become a popular staple for comfortable outfits that are stylish. You can also take a look here.


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